My first week in Pamplona

Hi readers!

I’m Pablo, a new blog user that has just entered into this great new world! I’m a new journalism student in the University of Navarra and I would like to share with you some of my impressions about my first week here.

At first, everything is hard. From one day to another you find yourself without the family that has been by your side since you were born, without knowing when you are meeting them again. The same happens with your friends. You are “obliged” in a way to meet new people when perhaps the thing that you want most is to rest on your bed, talking to nobody. You are kicked out your town, the town where in most cases you have lived all your life. It has not been easy for me to change my routines, to accept that I will never see my family and friends every day, to change my city… But, hey. That is what life is about, changes. And although the first days it was hard to adapt to my new colleagues and classes and I spent more time on my own than meeting new people, step by step I am fitting better in the ambience.

The classes are great. I love COE, I think is the subject that I have always wanted to do. They will teach us how to write well in Spanish, my native language (because, as you can notice, English is not), and as I like to write, is exciting to take classes of the activity you like most. The faculty is huge, as well as the campus, and although the communication faculty is not very colorful, we as students put the colors that are absent in the walls, as the dean herself said it.

To finish with this small report, I leave you a video of the first day in the faculty that the University made, as well as an Antonio Machado’s quote that illustrates well the new path that I am building right now.

Read you soon!

 Camimante son tus huellas

el camino y nada más.

Caminante no hay camino,

se hace camino al andar.

Antonio Machado